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When we decided to breed with our mare I came across becky's website- bmjarabians and got in touch to enquire about the foaling package.

AlfieSarahBecky was very thorough in her care and full of excellent advice up to the foaling. During the foaling becky assisted our mare in a very calm and professional manner during a difficult labour. Becky's skills help to deliver our foal safely and it was a huge asset to have her help.

In the weeks and months that have followed becky has also helped us with general advice and a lot of excellent handling techniques. If it wasn't for becky I'm not sure we would still have our youngster as she has helped us through a lot of ups and downs over the years but today he is a lovely 3 year old KWPN x TB who would not be the horse he is without Becky's help and support which is always a phone call or email away.

Sarah Townsend

In my search for my last and forever horse I came across BMJ Arabians and Becky Jones. I liked what I read on her website: "We pride ourselves on breeding quality not quantity, with special consideration to conformation and temperament. All our horses are kept as natural as possible, allowing for a relaxed and calm atmosphere, and very happy horses". It said she had a coloured horse breeding programme and Becky herself had a wealth of experience in eventing and endurance riding. I sent her a prospective email asking if she had anyone for sale that matched my never ending wish list, stressing the most important attribute to me was temperament.....the list went on but in short I was looking for Mr Perfect! A horse pictured on her website caught my eye....BMJ Picasso and I mentioned in my email that someone with his looks and build is what I was looking for. Becky responded saying she would only consider selling Picasso to a very special home and wanted to know more about me. So I emailed her more information about myself and the home I had to offer. Only then did Becky give me more information to me about Picasso and she thereafter answered my every request for information, also taking and sending me some videos of him moving. Becky described Picasso as the safest, kindest and most sensible horse she had ever bred and he was a totally chilled out person. All the other information she sent me meant he sounded like the perfect person for me, my only apprehension was he was just 5.....at such a young age could her really be as Becky said? It was clear, for her, home was paramount over price. I had a very long drive, I needed to feel I could trust her so I didn't waste anyone's time. After further communication we arranged for me to go and visit.

PicoMichelleBecky and her husband made my friend and I very welcome. Becky hid nothing from me throughout our visit. She rode Picasso in the school in front of my friend and I and said that we could go out on a hack but only after she had seen me ride and was happy with me riding him. It showed she was responsible and caring. We had a lovely ride and Becky encouraged me to 'test' Picasso....we had quite a few scary obstacles for a 5yr old but he behaved impeccably just as Becky described. For me it was love at first sight but it was an important decision for me....I had to make the right decision for both of us so I agreed to call her the following day ensuring I was thinking with head and not just heart! I really hoped Becky would let me give Picasso a home....she agreed! Becky was very accommodating with the vetting arrangements etc. and very helpful with all the information I needed etc. I brought Picasso home with me a week later!

Pico is everything Becky said he was and would be. Pico and I have been together now for 10 months and we have done our first pleasure ride together on our own and got our first rosette! We had a lot of lovely comments on his looks and behaviour...many were surprised to learn he was just 6 because of his behaviour and performance. I still count myself very lucky not only to have Pico in my life but also to have brought from a breeder/ owner who bred and raised a fantastic horse and who is always there for advice, support and encouragement. Becky gave Pico the very best of foundations for me to build on

........ Thank you Becky!

Michelle Clark

I bought Cass back in October 2014 from Becky at BMJ Arabians, having searched high and low for the perfect steed one of my friends saw Becky’s advertisement for Cass, and urged me to phone Becky for a chat as Cass seemed to be everything I wanted. Becky wanted to know about me and my capabilities and what I was after in a horse and then she got round to telling me about Cass. I liked the fact the Becky asked me about my priorities and my abilities rather than starting on what Cass was capable of! I made an appointment to visit Becky (and Cass) one weekend, we drove up from Cornwall, and as soon as we got out the car was made to feel very welcome. Becky let me spend time with Cass in her stable; grooming and generally takin time to asses her. Becky then let me tack Cass up and take her down to the sand school and see how she moved. We then took another one of Becky’s horses and Cass up to the local Golf course where I could really see what Cass was made of – there was lots of scary objects as Becky had told me that Cass wasn’t really worried about anything – she has lived up to this! After coming back to the yard I untacked Cass, where Becky explained about her horses being barefoot, so she showed me how the boots worked and how to fit them. Cass is a very loving mare, who loves people and wants to know about everything that is going on around her. She can be brave, but does take confidence from her rider, but can be very bold! She is excellent to handle, trim her feet, teeth – everything that Becky said about. Becky is always at the end of phone/text or email to help with teething problems or just a general question. She will always help if she can! Buying a horse from Becky has restored my faith in people selling horses; Becky truly is a lovely person and loves her work!

Mackenzie Bezley


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