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BJ Breeding Services

Specialists in Equine Reproduction, BJ Equine Breeding aim to support owner, mare and foal through the entire breeding process from stallion selection through to delivery, the first few months of life and into adulthood.  The BJ Breeding Programme comprises five individual Packages that support owners through every stage of equine reproduction with a view to conceiving, growing, delivering, nurturing and educating a fit and healthy foal into a well-behaved, happy youngster who is well-prepared for an Equestrian life in the Human world.  Owners can choose from five Packages in line with the stage of Breeding they have reached or choose the entire Programme from Conception through to early Education.  The BJ Breeding Programme Packages are:


The Pre-conception period is key to the entire reproductive process as decisions made at this time will affect every stage of the Pregnancy and have the biggest impact on it’s outcome.  This Package ensures that the choices made are in the best interests of mare, foal and owner in terms of health, conformation and ‘purpose’ later in life.  It covers many aspects of breeding that inexperienced owners or even experienced non-Professional breeders are often unaware of or might not think to be significant.  Your mare’s suitability for breeding, her health, genetics, conformation, type and temperament are all taken into consideration so that an appropriate Stallion can be identified, a method of conception agreed and a successful fertilisation achieved to take you into the next stage - Growth.


Our ‘Growth’ Package encompasses all aspects of the pre-birth period after conception and up to four weeks prior to your mare’s due date.  This Service involves monitoring your mare’s foal through every stage of the eleven month gestation period.  Owners receive a Breeding Pack containing educational material and a ‘Growth’ Programme specifically tailored to meet the needs of each mare and impending foal.  The Pack incorporates easy to read and follow information regarding scanning and blood testing, feeding for health, medication, supplementation, preparation of the foaling environment, living quarters, delivery process and much more.  One-to-one Coaching that prepares owners for the foaling down procedure and first few days of life is also included.


Our ‘Delivery’ Package, or ‘First Footsteps’, aims to take the stress out of the foaling down process so you can enjoy the magical moment of your foal’s arrival with your Mare.  First Footsteps is an eight week period encompassing the final foaling down process with essential time allowed to cover birthing due date changes – late or premature. Commencing four weeks prior to your mare’s specified due date, we will support you in the run up to birthing and guide you through the outward signs and tests you can run to confirm delivery is imminent or that the due date is likely to change.  We will be in-situ with you and your mare in plenty of time prior to birth checking the foaling area for safety and making all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the birthing process is as simple as possible. Assuming a straightforward delivery, we will ensure the foal is safely on the ground, that all vital health checks are carried out and are normal and ensure that appropriate assistance is on hand should either mare or foal experience problems.  An easy delivery is what we aim for with a view to getting your new foal safely on their feet and suckling and enjoying the first few days of life.


Once your new foal has arrived they’ll quickly be up and about exploring their new World with great energy and enthusiasm!  Our ‘Nurture’ Package takes owners through the first few months of life to ensure all goes as smoothly as possible in terms of health, safety, feeding, behaviour, playmates and the general environment.  Keeping on top of your foal so that they don’t get on top of you can be a tricky business for the inexperienced foal handler at a time when they are forming ideas about people and what is and isn’t considered acceptable behaviour. ‘Nurture’ aims to provide you with the knowledge and practical assistance owners need to ensure their foal has a head-start and that their early lessons for life are one’s that will make everyone’s life easier in the long run. 


Foals and youngsters are our speciality which includes further education and training designed to produce horses who are compassionately prepared for a successful, calm and active equestrian life. Our Education Packages offer options covering basic education, remedial education and later starting and backing.  Adult horses with special needs and/or who need help over-coming a negative experience in order to fulfil ridden potential can also be accommodated.  Education, Training and Fitness Performance Packages can be organised at your own yard or at our Equestrian base in the spectacular mountains of South Wales.

For further information, to discuss putting your mare in foal, to book a full Programme or Package contact Becky Jones at BJ Breeding Services

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