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June 2014

Ever wanted to breed your own foal? Not had the mare, the experience, the facilities or proffessional support? BMJ Arabians are offering an exceptional opportunity to lease top quality mares on a stay at stud basis where all the support needed from conception, foaling to weaning and beyound will be provided. See www.bmjarabians.co.uk mares and breeding pages for further details.

May/June 2014 - Brings three fillys

8/5/2014 BMJ Chofi (BMJ Chico x Ziva) Chestnut PBA Filly

22/5/2014 BMJ Chico's Pheonix (BMJ Chico x BMJ Kissadora) Chestnut/White PBA Filly

3/6/2014 Raffaella BJ Hispano Arabe Filly (Noain x Bint Ali Shaar BJ)


May 2013 see the arrival of out first foals by our PRE stallion Noain.  Aliah bey has produced a strong beautiful filly and Dee has produce an eye catching black colt.


The past twelve months has brought great sadness to all at BMJ Arabians in the loss of the fabulous Quin age 22, spirited Zpirit age 9 and tragic loss of the charismatic Pfynn age 3.  These boys are greatly missed.

RIP my lovely boys


March 2012 - Fillys!!!

Both Bint Ali Shaar BJ & Toffee Ripple foaled fillies.  Ali a beautiful Hispano Arabe to Maryss Nogal and Toffee a strong classy PBA to Wiper.

July 2011 Chrapka foals refined colt by Wiper.


Charmaa 4 days old

May 2011 RAS Aliah Bey foals a stunning grey colt by Wiper Athos Bey.

July 2010 The wonderful Zspirit (Aazari x HS Dresden) joins BMJ Arabians as a potential top level endurance horse.


May 2010 First Pintabian arrives at BMJ Arabians

BMJ Chico (Dakota Ink Spots x Temptress SR)

A colt full of arabians type, correct conformation, and wonderful temperament.



May 2010

Becky Jones, in conjunction with Whispering World will be presenting three upcoming Workshops being Better Breeding, Pleasure Riding and Performance Riding. She will also be offering a special Peak Performance Programme for serious competitors that will run through the Summer.  See Wispering World for further details


JUNE 2009 Grojecs Princess foals our 1st coloured Quarab by Obsesed To Boogie.








MAY 2009 Passionata foals tall, strong, pretty grey colt.


Passionate Pfynnarlay BJ



MAR 2009 Excellent start to the season Peanuts gains grade 1 at March Hares Forrest of Dean 40K and grade 1 at Tresham 65K



Peanuts returns to the endurance circuit after a years break from competition, training from the home of BMJ Arabians we have great hopes for a busy season ahead.

Significant rides to date :

2007 Margam Park 80K ER 1st, Cirencester 2 day 130K ER 1st, & Red Dragon 2 day 160K ER 5th

2006 Berkshire Downs 65K Tyro ER 1st & Ludlow 80K ER 1st.



PEANUTS - Now competing in his second season at Advanced Level,   winning his Tyro race ride, and first 80k race ride last season Peanuts showed great promise.   Peanuts has started the 2007 season very strongly, we gained a grade one at Berkshire Downs over 65k, which we were using for a warm up for the 80k race ride at Margam.   Margam was a testing ride including, sand dunes, beach, forestry and plenty of hills. In the pouring rain Peanuts ate the miles up and won a fast racing finish.

I and Peanuts attempted our first two day race ride of 130km at Cirenseter.   Due to our inclement summer the going was very sticky to boggy in places, which got wetter on the second day.   Peanuts enjoyed the going and we concentrated hard in order to avoid any mishaps.   Our hard work paid off with a win over this distance.   The trophy had been donated in Cheryl Logan's memory, which was very fitting, I rode Peanuts round his first 65k with Cheryl and her mare.

FIRST 100 MILES AT RED DRAGON!!!   Over two days P and I completed our first 100 miler together, we also represented the Welsh team in the home international at the same time.   We covered the terrain and vetted well, and completed in 5 place! Not bad for a first attempt!

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